Happily road-warrioring through NJ, NY & PA

Like many, my journey started with an untamable baby mullet and a face filled with wonder. In short time, I was an explorer on the kitchen seas, emptying all cabinets within reach; an adventurer into the unknown, fearlessly excavating closets to see, to experience, to know. Stuff.

I also ate dirt a few times, tasted soap out of sheer curiosity, fell off the garage roof while pretending to be a ninja, and had to have my pediatrician remove a TicTac from my nose... Twice. That was around the same time that I got myself stuck in a freezer while reaching for ice cream.

It's fair to say that of her three children, I was primarily responsible for the majority of my mother's hair dye purchases.

As a grown up, I still have that special place in my heart for exploration and I am continuously grateful for that unwavering love of wonder. It has challenged me and has propelled some incredible life-changing experiences. I've always felt inspired to express how these moments, and moments in general, have the capacity to resonate within the human spirit.

Photography is an art akin to storytelling and when we work together, you are inviting me to tell a part of your story. This is a decision you have built with trust - and I am honored and humbled to be celebrating by your side.


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