Portrait Policies


Reservation Fee

Your reservation fee secures our time together for your session and will be applied to your final balance. Because I promise to hold the date and time we discuss, please note that reservation fees are non-refundable and that no booking will be considered official without the reservation fee being paid.

Our remaining balance is due in full on the day of the session. Clients are welcome to pay by personal check (made payable to “Melissa Zazzera”) or in cash. I am always happy to provide you with a receipt at your request. Balances may also be paid in full prior to the day of the session if desired.


Our Planning

The energy that my clients bring to session planning is inspiring and contagious! It also helps me connect with their personalities long before I lift my camera. Your photography requests, family stories, and details are welcomed and encouraged. The more we discuss, the more I can tailor a custom session for you!

As we discuss specific ideas and photography requests, I will put forward all effort to make those ideas and requests happen. Please understand however, in the spirit of life's unpredictability, that no particular image can be absolutely guaranteed. And while we may capture some of the images we plan for, if they do not meet the professional standard you trust from seeing my other work, I will omit it from your proof gallery. Thank you for trusting my professional and creative judgement, as well as my right of discretion, to ensure you receive a proof gallery of images that you love!


Proofing and Final Retouching

Clients will first be introduced to their photos in the form of proofs. Your proof gallery will become available 3-5 days after our session and it will consist of anywhere between 25-60 images for you to choose from. The size of the proof gallery is dictated by the nature of the portrait session and the length of time we spend together during the shoot.

In the proof gallery, you are invited to select your favorite images, which I then retouch and finalize by hand. Retouching entails advanced color and skin corrections, lighting adjustments, and Photoshop work. Images on my website and social media have been taken through this proof/retouching process and are representative of the final type of work I look forward to sharing with you!

  • Why Proof Galleries?

By giving clients control over which images they would like to receive, the proofing system focuses my editing on the images that matter to you most, enables you to receive your final images faster, and gives you control over which images you receive.

  • Can I purchase more images than what's included in the session?

Of course! Additional images may be requested for purchase from your proof gallery Pricing for additional images beyond what's included in your session is as follows, and an invoice will be sent separately for these images:

  • single image: $12
  • 5 images: $50
  • 10 images: $90
  • 15 images: $120
  • 20 images: $140


**Please note that proofs only serve as reference, and in being unfinished products by nature, I obtain full exclusive rights to these images. You may not download/screengrab or save proof images by any means and doing so is defined by law as theft.


Receiving Your Final Images

Your final gallery (full resolution) will be privately delivered to you as an online download* 7 days after you have confirmed your proof selections. Please note that the gallery must be downloaded on a laptop or desktop computer. You will also be given access to a password-protected web gallery of your final images, which can be accessed from any device for 90 days. The web gallery is a wonderful way to show the world how amazing your day was!

I have recently begun creating custom mobile apps for clients, and am thrilled to formally incorporate them into my client offerings! These are entirely complimentary and have no expiration. Mobile apps are created on request, so just give me a shout! 

*Alternative to the online download, you may request that the final gallery be mailed to you on a USB drive. There is a charge of $15 for the USB option covering shipping and material costs (wedding packages include the delivery of a USB drive and are exempt from this charge).


Personal Print Release and Copyright

Included in our agreement are your rights to personal use and reproduction of the final photos from the session -- this means you have the liberty to print your full resolution images through any print lab of your choice, any time, and however often you would like.

Our agreement does not include rights to digitally manipulate (ie: apply filters, remove/crop out my logo) or to otherwise alter images from their delivered state. Our agreement does not include rights to sell any image for profit, enter them into promotional contests without my explicit consent, or use them in other commercial capacities.

Please note that I retain copyright of all final photographs, and reserve the right to use images in advertising, promotion, and various other forms of commercial context. I am always happy to discuss this in more detail, so please feel free to ask!


Illness or Emergency

I understand that extenuating circumstances can arise that require you to reschedule or even cancel your session. There are no additional costs to reschedule or cancel a session, however please note that the reservation fee paid at booking is non-refundable and if not rescheduled within 30 days, this fee is forfeited. To reschedule, I request that arrangements be made for a new date within 30 days of what we had initially agreed upon. This ensures that we can successfully reschedule your session within a respectful timeframe and that all of the details we have discussed involving your session remain relevant.

If, under the extraordinary or rare circumstance that I must reschedule our photoshoot, I will make all sincere efforts to book a new date with you within 15 days at your earliest convenience.

Payment of your reservation fee confirms your acknowledgement and agreement to the portrait policies above.

If you have any questions about these policies, please contact me here.